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    The iA Institute is a media company that provides news, education, events and connection for professionals in consumer finance.

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    • The good stuff is below the surface.
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  • Information


    The industry's first and longest-running daily

    Plus, our unique brand of insight

    Publishing since 2000, insideARM has amassed the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry’s most engaged audience of executives within collection agencies and law firms, debt buyers, creditors, suppliers of technology and services, regulators, investors, and other interested parties.


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    Research Assistant

    Get practical answers to tricky questions

    Stop spinning your wheels; use time more effectively

    For anyone who has ever sat in a meeting and wondered, "How are other companies handling this?" If you need help with the day-to-day issues that crop up in your business, Research Assistant is equipped to guide you.


    Leaders, why let your team spin their wheels speculating about grey areas in the law or constantly shifting compliance rules? Give them the most cost-effective resource available.


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    Case Law Tracker

    Plan legal strategy and understand trends

    Pays for itself in just one case

    Analyzing legal decisions takes time. Many decisions aren't relevant, big law databases will bury you in data, and tracking case law trends is difficult without a huge time investment or outside help.


    The iA Case Law Tracker is designed specifically for legal and compliance professionals in credit and collections. This intuitive, easy-to-use case law tracking tool marries insideARM’s legal analysis with a flexible, sort-able and searchable database that ONLY includes industry-relevant cases.


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  • Events

    iA Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance

    Women in Consumer Finance

    Because your career matters, and so does the satisfaction of all your high-potential female employees

    An event for women at ALL levels, in the context of your professional industry. If you work in any role at a lender, creditor, collection agency, law firm, technology or service provider, or regulator, this event is for you.


    This is not about compliance or best practices. It's about women, about the common professional challenges we face, and about how to tell our own career story. So we can build truly meaningful connections and enjoy the kind of professional development we all could use, no matter how experienced we are.


    Our 4th annual event will be both live and virtual, December 6-8, 2021.


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    iA Strategy & Tech

    iA Strategy & Tech

    A digital event, specifically designed BY collections strategy professionals FOR strategy professionals

    Finally, an event where you'll hear from the experts who can truly help you transform your strategy. You'll see short, crisp demos of the latest industry tech, and you'll find the conversations you need to have -- all in one place.


    iAST is at your desk, July 13-15, 2021.


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    iA One-to-One Appointments Forum

    One-to-One Appointments Forum

    Business development, transformed.

    This unique event provides participants with a distinct change of pace from the traditional conference environment. How? By putting formal 45-minute meetings between potential buyers and sellers at the center of the event. Buyers and sellers are matched based on mutual interest and suitability. Meetings occur in a quiet, professional, closed-door environment. What results is often considered the most effective two days participants have ever spent outside of the office.


    The Forum is on hiatus. Look for a future return!

  • Membership Groups

    Consumer Relations Consortium

    Consumer Relations Consortium

    Your seat at the table

    A membership group for forward-thinking organizations that wish to influence the direction of collections compliance, legal strategy and regulatory policy. Members engage with regulators, consumer groups and other stakeholders to produce common-sense solutions that benefit consumers, creditors and servicers.


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    iA Innovation Council

    Innovation Council

    Think differently

    A membership group where forward-thinking credit issuers, tech companies, and accounts receivable organizations envision the future and map how to get there. Operations, strategy and tech leaders meet in person twice a year and also engage in collaborative projects to solve industry challenges.


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