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    It's about the quality of the conversation

    The iA Institute is a digital media company that specializes in providing context, insight, and practical information to the complex debt industry. With its long history as an innovator, the company has grown from its inception as publisher of a daily newsletter to one that influences the industry at the highest level. Our initiatives bring a range of stakeholders to the table in a candid environment to inform, to build a culture of compliance, to address industry challenges, and to make profitable connections.


    In addition to publishing insideARM.com, the iA Institute runs the Compliance Professionals Forum (a membership organization that provides context and practical support for day-to-day compliance challenges), and manages the Consumer Relations Consortium (an extremely active group of nearly 30 larger market participants who discuss evolving practices, and regularly engage with consumer advocates and regulators to affect industry rulemaking).

    The business of debt is complex

    Debt is prevalent within many industries, including healthcare, credit card, utility, telecom, student loan, and all levels of government, just to name a few. The recovery of debt is governed both federal and state law, with many regulators having rule making, supervisory, and enforcement authority. The industry is not a popular one; whether justified or not, nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a debt collector's call. Yet the existence of the collection function is critical to the health of the nation's economic engine.

    Actionable insight

    Our websites, publications, conferences, and peer groups provide deep and actionable insight into the challenges of managing past due accounts and maintaining compliance on a daily basis.


    Publishing since 2000, insideARM.com has amassed the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry’s most engaged audience of executives within collection agencies and law firms, debt buyers, creditors, suppliers of technology and services, regulators, investors, and other interested parties.


    Our free e-newsletter, the ARM insider, is the industry’s “must-read” daily publication, providing news, trends, and perspective on compliance, regulation, executive changes, company news, and other critical topics.


    Our guides, reports, and webinars produced throughout the year offer actionable training and insight to professionals across the spectrum of the debt industry.


    Because of our significant audience of engaged readers, insideARM.com provides the most credible platform for service providers to reach potential clients.



    The Compliance Professionals Forum (CPF) is a membership organization that

    allows you to compare your practices to your peers, and get practical advice for compliance "grey" areas.


    Wondering how others handle specific compliance issues? Our benchmark reports, peer groups, guides, and tools let you see where you stand.




    The Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC) was formed by a group of industry executives who felt that a reasonable and knowledgeable voice was needed to address issues and solutions in the collection industry. The group firmly believes that communication - "relations" - is the key to respectful resolution of a consumer's financial situation.


    The CRC brings a unique approach to the market by proactively engaging with consumer advocates to bridge the gap of understanding and expectations often present between consumers and collectors.




    Bringing stakeholders to the table for in-depth and candid conversation

    October 17-19, 2016 - Eaglewood Resort & Spa, Itasca, IL (just outside Chicago)


    The First Party Summit is a round table event for creditors and agencies about the unique challenges of "first-party" work, including colllections, customer care, and outsourcing. While the subject may have been addressed in a single session at prior industry conferences, this is the first event devoted exclusively to the issues for both sides in the First Party environment.


    The CFPB has sent signals throughout the past two years that First Party collection activity will be subject to greater CFPB supervision. What will be the “Rules of the Game” going forward? Will First Party collection activity require additional notices to consumers? If so, what, when and how frequent? Will any CFPB additional scrutiny encourage or discourage more outsourcing? If so, how? Will the CFPB provide guidance beyond the FTC discussion in the 2000 DeMayo opinion letter? If so, what might that entail? The Summit also covers contractual, operational, technology and human resource issues that are unique to the outsourcing environment.



    The Larger Market Participant Summit caters to the unique interests of the larger firms with unparalleled peer networking, best practice discussion, and panels focused on the latest issues that keep these executives up at night.


    This annual Washington, D.C. event was created to offer senior executives of large collection firms a forum for in-depth discussion about common challenges which could lead to action.


    The Summit is held without an exhibit hall, allowing attendees to focus purely on peer engagement.


    The One-to-One Appointments Forum provided participants with a distinct change of pace from the traditional conference environment. How? By putting formal 45-minute meetings between potential buyers and sellers at the center of the event.


    At the inaugural Forum held in July 2016 insideARM matched 20 Credit Grantors with 15 Agencies based on mutual interest and suitability and established quiet, professional spaces for them to meet. What resulted was perhaps the most effective and useful two days any of these executives have ever spent outside of the office. Read more about it.



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